Thursday, June 10, 2010

April 3, 2010 - Paragliding

My first tandem with Arnel

Dingo and Dinguette

Me and Estelle
Estelle kiting...
...while Damien looks on
My turn kiting the small wing. I think Damien's being a monster or something behind me. Consider it a work of art, up for interpretation.
Andrew's first time under a paraglider wing in maybe four years? Getting some last minute reminders from Anne before the blast-off.
A little push....and he's off! Like he'd never skipped a day of paragliding in his life.

Now time for me to try kiting the big wing. After some careful blow-by-blow instructions from Anne, and several failed attempts, I finally got it!
Then at last! Time for the real deal. It was only a sled ride, but it was awesome! Can't wait to get back out.

Et enfin, a para-base to close out the day.

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