Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

Just like last year, we timed our tri-state drive to Utah precisely at the peak of a tri-state winter storm.

Christmas morning at the Christensens

Big Brother is WATCHING

Don and Barbara....or....Russ and Heather?

Christmas afternoon at the Olsens


I don't think we're in California anymore...

Pearls from 'Nam

Stairway to Heaven, December 2009

December 23: Five pitches of beautiful ice!

Andrew sporting his sweet red one-piece

Me pretending to lead...

December 26: Mixed Climbing  (or some semblance thereof...)

As you see, it started off really well.

Yes, our very own "A Christmas Story" moment.

Andrew dry-tooling

Britany and Erik's Wedding - San Diego, Dec. 29