Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vietnam Sport Climbing

Sport Climbing in Northern Vietnam

Susie Onsights 5.12b: All the training pays off!

© C Glastonbury 2009

© C Glastonbury 2009

© C Glastonbury 2009

© C Glastonbury 2009

Flight of the Bumblebee, 5.13a

Dream Weaver, 5.13a

Peter Mortimer (South Africa) on Dream Weaver

Firefly, 5.11. First ascent, onsight.

Installing anchor bolts on Firefly with Yann Papin (France/Canada)


quality said...

DANG! That is so freakin awesome you guys. I'm sorry but you guys are seriously my heroes for being so cool and extreme. What a beautiful country and an amazing experience!
Jon F.

Anonymous said...

Hey mister Aligator !!! this is yann from france or canada, i was so happy to see you on the pics and to see when we set up an achor on fire fly !!! HIHIHI enjoy...