Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Half Dome, Regular Northwest Face, Yosemite. August 3, 2009.

I forgot the sleeping bags. . .

We approached the route up the Death Slabs. 5 hours.

We started at 5 a.m., and Susie led the first half of the route.

I led the second half of the route, starting at the Robbin's Traverse.
On top of the chimneys, pitch 14.

Going up to Big Sandy Ledge, pitch 17.
Talking to Mr. Olsen. We had the phone because I was expecting a call for a job interview that morning.
Zig Zags, pitch 18.

Just after Thank God Ledge, pitch 21. Only two more pitches to go.

Summit at 9 pm. 16 hours of climbing.
Descending the cables.
This is the pile of gloves left at the base of the cables.


Bonni said...

Y'all are so perfect for each other! I love the adventurous and interesting lives you lead. I'm impressed, as always.

And, Samuel and Juliet have a note for you:


We miss you!

gregg said...

pussies grant and i did it in 12 hrs ;}

adalaide says she'll do it in 4